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Cruising Guide Germany & Denmark

Cruising Guide Germany & Denmark
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Brian Navin

Now in its third edition, Cruising Guide to Germany and Denmark has been thoroughly revised. The author provides more detailed coverage of the coasts of Mecklenburg and Vorpommern to the Polish border, an area that has seen many changes in the last decade.

This new edition is published in full colour. The Baltic is becoming an increasingly attractive cruising destination and this new edition provides excellent coverage of the popular routes in and around the western end.

Covering the North Sea and Baltic coasts of Germany and Denmark, this guide is a companion to North SeaPassage Pilot and Cruising Guide to the Netherlands. It is based on selected routes and provides all the necessary details and plans of ports along them.



Part 1. The North Sea Coasts
1. The German Bight
2. The German Frisian coast and the Elbe 3. The Schleswig-Holstein and Jutland west coasts
4. The Nord-Ostsee-Kanal and the Eider River

Part 2. The Baltic Coasts
5. The SW Baltic
6. The Jutland east coast and the Lille Baelt 7. The Limfjord
8. South Fyn and the Store Baelt
9. South Sjaelland and the Sound
10. The German Baltic coast and Bornholm (Denmark).


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